IAPPLRT acknowledges Certified Professionals and encourages individuals who are seeking to take their current business and practice to a whole new level. With your own website badge from IAPPLRT and Certification for your 3 Month Training, you qualify to be part of a Global Membership that is held exclusively for Professional Past Life Regression Therapist Worldwide. You will receive all Video’s, Manuals, PDF & Audio downloads for your Professional Certification along with your Bonus Membership.

The Professional Certification is a unique Training Program that delivers a complete business in 3 months. You will receive Induction Scripts. Advanced Techniques to bring your clients deep into a regressed state that will comfort them and allow you to be fully confident in your delivery and results.


The Professional Certification Training Program is for individuals who:

  • Are Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Teachers, Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Counselors, Medical Doctors & Nurses, Psychiatrists and Alternative Health Practitioners wanting to bring Therapeutic Approach to Healing Core Issues with Past Life Regression.
  • Help women and men understand their inability to have a happier and more care free life.
  • Assist others in receiving clarity and self-confidence to live purposefully and honestly.
  • Wanting to have clear boundaries and healthy relationships with family, friends and intimately.
  • Want a powerful practice and upgrade your current business and marketing.
  • Desire a future of possibilities that are filled with abundance, opportunity, healthy relationships and know how on where to begin and how to follow through.
  • Wanting a step by step program where you are being taught ancient wisdom and tools that empower you today to help your current issues.
  • Need a Holistic Authentic Marketing Platform for your career to attract your ideal clients and have a successful practice?
  • Are wanting to fulfill a deep desire to be of purpose and of service to the world.
  • Create a practice where your clients become empowered to live their truth, by exposing the issues that have come from other lifetimes that are still influencing their present.