IAPPLRT acknowledges Certified Professionals and encourages individuals who are seeking to take their current business and practice to a whole new level. With your own website badge from IAPPLRT and Certification for your 3 Month Training, you qualify to be part of a Global Membership that is held exclusively for Professional Past Life Regression Therapist Worldwide. You will receive all Video’s, Manuals, PDF & Audio downloads for your Professional Certification along with your Bonus Membership.

The Professional Certification is a unique Training Program that delivers a complete business in 3 months. You will receive Induction Scripts. Advanced Techniques to bring your clients deep into a regressed state that will comfort them and allow you to be fully confident in your delivery and results.


Julie KacinasJulie Kacinas
This training was the best course of my lifetime of education. The program changed my entire outlook on life and transformed me in the process.
Sandy GravitoSandy Gravito
I would most definitely recommend this course. I would just like to thank Deborah for this wonderful opportunity, it was an absolute pleasure and an amazing learning experience.The set up was so easy to use and the fact that we can do it at our own pace without constant deadlines made it easier to focus and pay attention to detail. I didn’t feel rushed which is also important and Deborah made the whole course easy to understand with great detail and attention to any questions I had. I found the modules that had a video or audio recording of sessions that Deborah did were extremely helpful. I find it easier to see and hear how it is done especially when handling some things that may come up for the client. Listening to Deborah speak put me into the energy as well and it helps to know the pace and tone of voice that should be used.
Crystsl RasmussenCrystsl Rasmussen
I love Deborah Skye's training method. She's so supportive and so clear in her intention and how she shares with people. She's able to give examples of various aspects of the work and related it to you. I also enjoy the questions after each module, to really get me thinking and integrating the work
Janice MacleanJanice Maclean
I have wanted to become a past life regression facilitator for decades. The "conventional" means were costly and time prohibitive and often a level of learning that I do not have. To be able to utilize the skills I already have in place with Therapeutic Touch and Reiki to augment the regressions is very satisfying.
Carrie Carrie
I really appreciated the modules regarding marketing and business planning. As stated so many alternative healing modalities have no concept how to bring what they offer into the real world. Deborah's warmth and caring show through but also her confidence in her experience in the area and the way she integrates her other skills into a session.
Stanislava Vasileva-AngelovaStanislava Vasileva-Angelova
I am very happy that I am involved in this training program. Also I am impressed that Deborah Skye's shared with us so many various techniques and all information that she does. Her experience and methods are very useful for me. Thank you so much!
Angela Angela
For me, the greatest insight durring the training program was that past life regression give us all answers being oriented subconscious and seek the root cause of our problems and fears unlike many other therapies that are more oriented conscious part of our mind. I am sure that past life regression is the best method about heal our traumas, fears, emotions , etc. By past life regression we can understand why we are here, who I am and what we need.
Alneja HorvatAlneja Horvat
I was amazed by the effectiveness of this technique; I learned that you can apply it in all kinds of areas, solve all sorts of problems with it and what is really amazing is that it can heal you and remove your blocks so quickly - after only one session. This course brought me a lot of clarity on how the past life regression works and I learnt that it can also be applied to work on fears, trauma, health issues etc. So it is the overall cure that can heal anything.
Karen CattonKaren Catton
Having 24/7 access to the modules, I really like this aspect. The course fits into your own lifestyle. A very relaxing way to learn. Each module builds upon the last . I found the complete package to make sense as a whole.

The Professional Certification Training Program is for individuals who:

  • Are Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Teachers, Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Counselors, Medical Doctors & Nurses, Psychiatrists and Alternative Health Practitioners wanting to bring Therapeutic Approach to Healing Core Issues with Past Life Regression.
  • Help women and men understand their inability to have a happier and more care free life.
  • Assist others in receiving clarity and self-confidence to live purposefully and honestly.
  • Wanting to have clear boundaries and healthy relationships with family, friends and intimately.
  • Want a powerful practice and upgrade your current business and marketing.
  • Desire a future of possibilities that are filled with abundance, opportunity, healthy relationships and know how on where to begin and how to follow through.
  • Wanting a step by step program where you are being taught ancient wisdom and tools that empower you today to help your current issues.
  • Need a Holistic Authentic Marketing Platform for your career to attract your ideal clients and have a successful practice?
  • Are wanting to fulfill a deep desire to be of purpose and of service to the world.
  • Create a practice where your clients become empowered to live their truth, by exposing the issues that have come from other lifetimes that are still influencing their present.