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The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute was Founded by Deborah Skye King CRT. IAPPLRT provides for the Professional PLR Therapist or newly beginning student a platform to enroll into and learn from their peers, experts and researches who have taken decades to qualify their expertise into a body of wisdom to share with individuals who are eager to learn, understand and share their case studies with one another via the IAPPLRT Membership site.

Mission Statement: To gather today’s top researchers, experts, teachers and trainers in the field of Regression Therapy and Past Life Research to gain wisdom and understanding of the human soul evolution and encounter the souls wisdom from the subconscious realm.

Vision: To assist in healing humanity from the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual disconnection which happens throughout lifetimes and are brought back for review at childhood in the present life. To assist the current system, medical, mental health associations globally, terminally ill patients and emotionally and physically abuse persons back to health and healing. To uncover depression and bi-polar, schizophrenic patients as having a spiritual crisis and working in partnership with the medical community by empowering their patients with simplistic tools and educating doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and counselors in the healing ability of working with the subconscious mind via the spiritual channels of one’s own Soul Wisdom.

Purpose of IAPPLRT: To train women and men in the field of Past Life Regression Professionally, with Certification from the Training Institute and by experts in the field who have a sound body of knowledge and expertise. Enabling the student or returning PLR Therapist with confidence, knowledge, ongoing mentoring and support throughout their training, an online presence and knowledge in how to run a private practice with authentic marketing practices.

IAPPLRT also brings to the professional field of past life regression therapy a unique training as it’s online and interactive via weekly and monthly webinar and tele-series with course content uploaded for the student to return to at their leisure. Monthly Q & A calls gives the student tangible access to ongoing questions as the work in Regression and Past Lives in continually growing, expanding and evolving as humanity does.

Founder and President of IAPPLRT The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapists, Deborah Skye holds Professional  & Advanced Certification in Past Life Regression and is a Global Leader in Personal and Planetary Transformation.

For the last 31 years Deborah Skye has been researching past lives and how each persons soul purpose is in alignment to their current life challenges via old memories that are embedded into the emotional body coming up for review and release. Through Past Life Regression Deborah Skye has experienced since the age of 6 profound insights into the Soul’s journey via Spiritual guidance coming from Ancient Cultures, Cosmology, Quantum Relationships to the Spatial Relativity of Time-Space Continuum and our Stellar Origins. Her findings have shed light on Parallel Realities, shifts in the Quantum Field by association and the discovery of how Future Progression is the tipping point of understanding the Multi-Universes and our relationship with the present moment in creation.

As Meta-physicians discover more about the expansion and relationship to the Universes, our fundamental relationship to the Cosmos, our Earth and Humanity, researchers in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy will be called upon to assist what cannot be presently understood by traditional or rational thinking. It is the desire of International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute to merge the detailed workings of scientists with the factual and scientific research of PLR that will assist in many fields of healing mental issues, emotional disturbances, depressions, anxieties, physical disorders such as sleep apnea or chronic pain in the body when doctors cannot attribute it to nothing physical, past life regression may be the missing link to bridge the gap of the unconscious workings that play out unbeknownst to most.

The focal point of IAPPLRT and  Past Life Training Institute is to provide a sound body of Professionals in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy to educate, inform and ultimately produce a body of work that will change the landscape of how we engage and interact with society, our families and most of all our core understanding of ourself.

Past Life Regression addresses the issues of core patterns and exposes the truth of what is taking place beneath the unconscious within the emotional body that has a binary relationship to the neutrinos and tendrils that are set patterns within our brain. When this relationship is brought to light, medical students, scientist and professional regression therapist will be able to work side by side understanding all components that make up a human being, their depth of level of emotional illnesses and mental imbalances that have constricted many brilliant and exceptional people to fit the molding of what society calls normal. The profession of Regression Therapist is now at a precipice where society is open accepting what they knew all along, that this is not the first time they have experienced their children, their father or mother, that their wife or daughter has been with them for many lifetimes. Past Life Therapy opens up the wonder of the intricate web that is perfectly weaves prior to our birthing here and sets to mend broken hearts, forgotten moments that the soul can connect into and heal and forgive a past life emotion which is still being played out, yet not benefiting the individual today.

People come to see Deborah Skye from every background and religion, knowing that deep within their hearts they have a burning question and with the assistance of a Regression Therapist they get to receive the answer as it was with them all along, buried deep in the recesses of the subconscious mind.

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