When did your fascination with elephants begin?

I remember loving Elephants as a very very young child. I would beg my mother to take me to see the elephants all the time and we had a porcelain elephant stool that sat outside her room- I remember always thinking it was the best thing in our home. I also refused to watch Dumbo as a child because I couldn’t stand the thought of the elephant being sad or harmed.

What is your connection to animals?

To most people animals are pets or just that.. animals and they treat them as such. To me they are and always have been so much more important than humans. I can’t explain it but I believe that the love of an animal is the most pure and special thing we have on earth.

Give an example of how powerful this connection is

I have a dog named Saddie that I would literaly move heaven and earth for. I can’t begin to explain how much I love her. She is my child in every since of the word. I would protect an animal over any human being. I have a connection with animals that others don’t- they always automatically trust me and we have a mutual love for each other right off the bat. I have had many arguments with people, friends, family even strangers about the way humanity treats animals and disregards them and their feelings – I feel as though it is my duty to stand up for them and be the voice that they don’t have.

How do you feel about your past life regression?

It was a turning point in this life for me. It was very emotional but explained so much about me.

How has it benefited your life and understanding of yourself?

It has confirmed my love and connection with animals and has urged me to take a trip to Thailand to visit the Elephant orphanage as I always wanted too. It has also made me feel a sense of peace that is very hard to explain.

What would you say to someone who has a yearning or desire
to do a past life regression

For me it was a life changing experience. It is important to understand who we are and why we are here. It is emotional and you need to be very ready to take on those emotions and embrace them.

How can past life regression therapy help others?
How has it helped you?

It has helped me accept who I am and that it is OK connection with animals and show the world just how special they are.