Edgar Cayce: Past Lives, Soul Lessons & Akashic Records

At the tender age of 13 Edgar Cayce had a vision of a lady who asked him what he most wanted in life. He told her wanted to be able to help people, especially children who were sick. This was the experience that would influence him for the rest of his life. Edgar also discovered he had a strange gift. He could absorb the contents of books simply by sleeping on top of them. At the time, he could never have known that he would leave behind one of the largest and most impressive collections of psychic information ever to emanate from a single source.

Armed with nothing more than a ninth grade education took a job in sales. When he was 21 his career and life took an unexpected twist when it became derailed by paralysis in his throat and vocal chords. Unable to speak above a whisper his laryngitis proved to be a mystery to both himself and his doctors. Eight months passed and there was no cure in sight. With the help of a hypnotist he was able to put himself into a self-induced sleep. He found he was able to speak normally and was able to diagnose his ailment, prescribe a simple treatment and restore his voice.

A group of physicians from Kentucky recognized Cayce’s amazing talents. He became highly sought out by the medical professions who enlisted his help with some of their most difficult medical cases. All he needed was the name and address of the individual anywhere in the world in order to give a detailed medical diagnosis and a treatment for each patient. A doctor from Clinical Research Society in Boston published a report on the farm boy who became a doctor. The incident was so newsworthy the New York Times carried a full-page spread on the boy in 1910. Good news spreads quickly and people from all over the country sought out Edgar’s help.

The diagnoses and treatments for each one proved accurate. In the sleep state he was able to channel answers to any question. He began to give readings on just about any subject which ranged from: meditation, the lost years of Jesus, comparative religions, dream interpretation, prophecy, life after death, prehistoric civilizations, world affairs, psychic and spiritual development. His vast array of readings covered more than 10,000 different topics.

He was a prophet who knew much about theology and was a lifelong, devout member of the Disciples of Christ. Later on in life there was much publicity given to his prophecies. There were many skeptics who challenged his psychic abilities. People in the Christian faith raised questions his views on reincarnation and Akashic records. He was a Sunday school teacher who read the Bible once for every year of his life, and recruited missionaries. There were many times he agonized over his psychic abilities—and whether the teachings were spiritually legitimate.

Through a series of events, Cayce came to the conclusion that he would use his gift only to help the distressed and sick. As his popularity grew all he asked for were voluntary donations to support himself and his family. With these donations he was able to practice full time.

From 1920–1923 he gave many readings on philosophical subject to Arthur Lammers, who’d studied metaphysics for years. Cayce told him about past lives and about reincarnation. Some twelve years before Cayce had briefly alluded to reincarnation. In reading 4841-1, given April 22, 1911, Cayce referred to the soul being “transmigrated.” The rebirth of a soul in another body goes against The Disciples of Christ’s belief system. They believe that someone only dies once and after this they await judgment.

In the year 1925 he created several institutions that would survive him. He was a professional psychic who had a small staff of employees and volunteers. Moreover, his readings included occult or esoteric themes.
In 1929 he established the Cayce hospital, which was sponsored by Morton Blumenthal a devout follower. He felt he couldn’t refuse people needed his help, and increased the frequency of his readings from two to eight per day. This took a huge toll on his health and was emotionally draining. In the end he suffered a stroke and was unable to recover.

His readings dealt with the physical health of the individual (physical readings); and later included readings on past lives, business advice, dream interpretation, and mental or spiritual health. Today his psychic information continues to help thousands of people around the world.

Edgar Cayce lived an amazing life from 1877-1945. To date, more than 300 books have been written about his life and work. The Edgar Cayce Canada website is a non-profit organization http://www.edgarcaycecanada.com where his books, DVDs and personal astrology charts can be purchased. His amazing lifelong legacy lives on.

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