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By joining a group of dedicated and heart centered individuals who are living purposefully to empower and uplift humanity with exposure to elemental information on humanities purpose, the core healing achieved in PLR, with decades of research, Scientific methodologies to bring daily insights in the field of quantum physics and profound teachings, yearly conferences globally and monthly teleseminars, you instantly become part of the Chartered Members in the first year of  IAPPLRT.

IAAPLRT  MEMBERSHIP | Professional Diamond Membership – Yearly

IAPPLRT Professional Membership is for Professionals who are Certified Charted Members of IAPPLRT.

You will have already taken a training, program or verified certification with one of our experts or members.Are presently enrolled in one of the online trainings or participating in our annual conference.

Professional  IAPPLRT  Benefits include:

Featured Guest & Author Bio:  Your Practice | Trainings | Products

  • You receive your own  full page to share your insights, communicate what your practice and teachings offer, what type of trainings your company provides and your book(s) will be featured in our bi-annual magazine.   You are positioned as an Contributing Author with your bio sharing your expertise and background in the field of  Past Life Regression Therapy, Metaphysical Sciences, Doctoral Degrees and Hypnotherapists.
  • We hold annual meetings and conferences throughout the world, you will be on our speakers list and be approached for any media event prior to our other members.
  • You receive the opportunity to submit one article every three months to keep your professional standing and input into  IAPPLRT.

Membership Listing & Directory

Full listing for your business in our Expert Therapist area.

Event Discounts

As a Professional  Member, you get 15% discount on all IAPPLRT events and publications.

Promote Your Events

  • The Professional Membership allows to promote your events, seminars, book launches up to 5 times a year.
  • Our Annual Conference gives you the opportunity for media exposure, booth access and display and advanced screening and sign up for speaking opportunities globally.

Subscription to our ” Soul Therapy Magazine”

Regular Rate: $1497/year

SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME RATE UNTIL March 11, 2011: $900/year

IAPPLRT MEMBERSHIP  | Personal Gold Membership Monthly

The Personal IAPPLRT Membership gives you the available exposure to top specialist, the latest cutting news and publications in the field and monthly tele-seminar access included in with your membership!

Personal IAPPLRT Membership includes:

Monthly Tele-Seminars with Q & A:

Each month a specific topic and field of expertise will be discussed with our Chartered Members who will share with you the latest research and insight into the vast field of Past Life Therapy & Past Lives, Future Earth.

IAPPLRT Discounts

As a Personal IAPPLRT Member, you get 10% discount on all Conferences,  eBooks, CD’s, Seminars & Trainings and our Global Sacred Tours & Events to exotic locations annually.

Membership Benefits:

* Exposure to today’s top minds and hearts who are making a global difference through research, industrious paradigm shifting and quantum leaping via the Soul.

* Discounts and access prior to non-members.

* Monthly Q & A calls answering all of your questions live!

Exclusive promotions, discounts and special offers

As a member of IAPPLRT you receive a 10% discount on all purchases, online trainings and special events.

Subscription to our International E-Zine

IAPPLRT along with The Past Life Regression Training Institute, sends out a monthly Newsletter that is distributed to all of our members explaining hot new topics, the latest research in quantum physics and a plethora of articles that only our members have access to.

We look forward to serving you and sharing this incredible work that will forever transform your world.

IAPPLRT Founder | Director

Deborah Skye King