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Q & A

Booking A Session Online

I like to inform my clients prior to having a conversation so you will be well equipped with the knowledge to move forward and book your session online.

You will then proceed to schedule your specific date and time with the form provided below. Here are some common questions that are often asked by new clients:

    In what city are you located? Deborah Skye does private sessions in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto and Nelson, BC.  She maintains a Global Clientele via Phone Sessions and does weekly Past Life Regression Sessions Virtually. She is able to  see, hear and feel everything that is taking place in your past life or in your future progression thus enabling her to do sessions anywhere in the world.
    Where did you receive your training? With Dr. Brian Weiss at the Weiss Institute.

    What do you charge for a session and how long is it?

    The Session is for 120 minutes with a half hour consultation. It is digitally recorded in a MP3 format for easy download with a 15 minute call on the 6th day after your session for additional questions to be answered.  The fee for the full session is $350.00, you can purchase your own session here:

    How soon do you have an opening in your schedule?

    There are openings during the week from Friday at 10:00am Pacific and on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am, 1:00pm & 4:00pm Pacific, both days. Please provide the date an time you prefer and are desiring a session, we will book you in according to your specifications if there is an availability on that day and time. Please give 2 different times for bookings that suit you for quicker appointments.

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      How many regression sessions do you suggest?

      Deborah Skye only books one session initially. If you are a brand new client, after the first session if you desire to book another one or book in advanced for yourself or family member, we will book according to your specific needs.

      Do you have experience with individuals who suffer from depression?

      Yes. Depression, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, manic-depression, emotional, sexual and mental abuse are areas in which Deborah Skye has had 20+ years researching and working for, with the spiritual-mental-emotional relationship to connect to the soul body. Every year she takes on two major case studies pro bono to assist in healing at a core level the individuals issues, usually severe manic depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.  She has become very successful in assisting others through these experiences which usually keeps a person stuck for years if not decades. If you are currently suffering from one or more of these issues, please make sure to share this with Deborah Skye in your consultation. ( See our disclaimer below)

      Is there a guarantee that I will be Regressed?

      Yes, we have a 100% Regression Expectations Form if you do not experience within 20 minutes a deepening experience of connecting with your subconscious. Most people do not believe they have been regressed because of what they have read in books or because they expect to have a deeply spiritual or exotic experience. That is not guaranteed. What is, is that you receive exactly what your Soul desires you to, most times that is not what your ego desires. Deborah Skye will determine the regresses state throughout the session and will bring in deepening meditations when necessary.

      How do I know what I am experiencing is real, that I am not making it up?

      Everything in life comes from your imagination, everything. Before you do something, you see it in your minds eye or you think it-then you do it. When you go to work in the morning, you think about the steps it is going to take prior to getting in your car or driving to work, you have re-created it in your thoughts and then your body follows suit. If you believe or think you are making up your past life, a professionally training Regression Therapist will be able to point out when the ego is taking over and obstructing the process or not. You will be in supportive and expert hands to guide you.

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