Past lives have been as normal to me as air is to our lungs, it’s a given in my life. Since my early years my destiny has been shaped by the gifting of living in parallel lives many times over. Experiencing past lives on a daily basis shaped my extensive ability to have an open mind and a vast imagination, I don’t believe I have ever stopped dreaming and envisioning worlds beyond our own.

By embracing my fate, I have had the sheer delight and awe inspiring moments where I have been humbled experiencing what many call Universal Mind, or the Consciousness of Soul Speaking. By connecting with Soul via the subconscious mind with past life regression therapy, ego’s are connected to spirit and spirit reconnects with it’s truth. I see this happening on a daily basis with my clientele globally being empowered, awakened and aligning with their purpose, their WHY of being here.

It’s a moment I cherish and bow to, seeing the moment someone realizes their power and let’s go of the illusion that they are disconnected from the world around them. It is when the Soul speaks that I rejoice for my clients knowing that their tears are tears of joy and happiness for the rekindling of their connection.

We must remind our self that we are here to experience love and forgiveness in every form, to hear it in our words, feel it in our hearts and see it in everything around us. The Universal Mind, Spiritual Guides, Source, what ever you desire call them- share two things of importance for humanity, speak from the heart and meditate so we can listen to the heart speak to us.

It is of my greatest honor that you are here, to share this journey of the heart.

President & Founder

Deborah Skye King CRT