Most people experience themselves as separate from others and disconnected from their own personal truth. Doing a PLR will give you the direct experience of why you are in the situation you are presently in, why you are experiencing the discomfort you are, and what the solution is to heal it, on any level. Deborah Skye will guide you to the exact point of origin that the issue first came from, surprisingly most people see the same key players in other lifetimes, mostly family and intimate lovers.

Your session will last for 2.5 hours in duration and include a 30 minute consultation, full relaxation technique along with the deep subconscious regression that will bring you to the exact place your soul desires you to see, to learn more, to grow, to let go and to forgive. A digital MP3 recording of your session is included. 99.5% of people experience a great relief from mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, it takes a lot of energy to continue to carry impressions of other lives that are incomplete. You can notice this in yourself if you are emotionally heavy, physically tired and out of breath, mentally exhausted from the constant barrage of useless information that continues to haunt you daily and most of all, by the spiritual disconnect.

Past Life Regression Sessions

Past Life Regression Sessions are safe, relaxing and will bring you peace of mind, closure and remind you of your connectivity.

Deborah Skye has been professionally trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon, and has created her own Method of Regression Therapy into her practice. With the combination of over 20 years of hands on experience directly working with people on emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and soul levels, Deborah Skye has developed a unique awareness while working in multi-level realities that inter-combine with your own.

Since the age of 6 Deborah Skye has experienced first hand, her own personal regressions. Beginning at 11 she delved deeply into the study of Ancient Mysteries, Sacred Teachings of Lost Continents, Soul Mates, OBE, Past Lives and Sacred Geometry and how it all interfaces with our current lifestyle. When she arrived at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan of Mexico at age 14, she entered into a direct relationship with a parallel reality that was co-existing alongside the one she was experiencing.

Skye has developed an acute heightened awareness while at sacred sites to be able to walk in between the world, the dimensions and parallels that currently exist and it began at the Temple of Kukulkan in Mexico. What happened forever changed her life, opening up a portal to another realm that she had been exposed to studying that allowed her to embrace her Mayan Priestess Shamanic self. As she walked the grounds in Chichen, she knew where everything was, the columns, the cenote, the observatory, everything, she organically breathed it all in and understood that time and space held no barrier between lifetimes, that all co-existed at once.

Please print out your Regression Expectations Form prior to your session.