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Alneja Horvat

I was amazed by the effectiveness of this technique; I learned that you can apply it in all kinds of areas, solve all sorts of problems with it and what is really amazing is that it can heal you and … Continue reading

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Karen Catton

Having 24/7 access to the modules, I really like this aspect. The course fits into your own lifestyle. A very relaxing way to learn. Each module builds upon the last . I found the complete package to make sense as … Continue reading

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For me, the greatest insight durring the training program was that past life regression give us all answers being oriented subconscious and seek the root cause of our problems and fears unlike many other therapies that are more oriented conscious … Continue reading

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Stanislava Vasileva-Angelova

I am very happy that I am involved in this training program. Also I am impressed that Deborah Skye’s shared with us so many various techniques and all information that she does. Her experience and methods are very useful for … Continue reading

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I really appreciated the modules regarding marketing and business planning. As stated so many alternative healing modalities have no concept how to bring what they offer into the real world. Deborah’s warmth and caring show through but also her confidence … Continue reading

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